I wanted to let you know I was seen today by Dr. Lee.

He seems just as great as you all said. I appreciated that he was able to handle my issues immediately. I do hope, I was not too hard on them. He and the Dental Assistant were just wonderful. He was incredibly personable, understanding and had wit about him. I need to have a Dentist with wit. I am not an easy feat when it comes to teeth. I truly appreciate that in a doctor.  Although, he aged me. LOL.  He was just great.

I did give you all 5 stars on FB. If you have other areas you would like me to review, please let me know.  Also know, I will never, ever, leave a review unless it is good. If we have nothing good to say, then we say nothing at all on the internet. My motto in life.

That said, I will have my records sent to you all next week. I would if possible, like to look at getting a new mouth guard. Not sure what all needs to be done moving forward.

Lastly, I love the Veterans sign when I walked in today. It put me at ease. Our Veterans have given us our freedom. They are our everything and they are everywhere. A lot of times, we do not even know it. They are everyday people. They need our support.

– Thank you all so much for an easy transition.

God Bless!