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Toys for Joy Drop-off Center

Anoka Dental is a drop off site for Toy’s For Joy! All items must be received no later than December, 19th.


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Visit a Dentist when Toothache Occurs

A toothache is one of the main reasons why you visit a dentist. Your concern regarding a toothache is clearly understandable. If you feel the pain continues for a prolonged

Avoid the Side Effects of Teeth Whitening - Family Dentist - Anoka Dental

What your Dentist says about Root Canal Therapy

When you first talk to your dentist about root canal therapy, you may feel anxious and worried. You will be worried about the pain that you will go through during

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Why Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

The dentist has an important role to play in your life. You need to frequently visit your family dentist for regular dental check-ups. If you do not keep up with

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